Electric surfboard: a new way to experience the waves

Do you want to fly over the water with an electric surfboard? Here are some tips from AEDRA

Electric jet surfs are very well known and appreciated in the world of surfing. This type of surfboard is easy to use and gives you the wonderful feeling of flying on the surface of the water without making any effort. 

The characteristics of Aedra’s electric surfboards

AEDRA just launched Glider, a new type of electric surfboard that combines top performances and an outstanding and innovative design. Our jet board can reach up to 30 km/h while maintaining incredible stability.

Glider is made of carbon fibre, a light yet sturdy material that preserves the drive unit from the strength of the waves. The shape of the frame allows smooth, stable and fast movements, without the need for fins. To ensure a higher degree of safety and grip, we added the diamond EVA PAD.

We have also installed a relief valve that allows excess air to escape when the sun rays increase the internal pressure. Our jet board is the only one on the market equipped with this system.

The 100% waterproof controller allows you to adjust board speed, and it constantly informs the surfer about what is going on. The interface communicates the status of the remaining battery and pace, plus it carries out system diagnostics, marking the GPS reception and sending SOS signals in case of necessity.

With Glider, fun is guaranteed. Thank’s to the advanced technologies that we used to build it, our product is not only reliable and safe to use, but it also allows surfers to catch waves without any effort!

Thank’s to the very long-lasting battery and powerful engine it is possible to reach spots far from the shore in little to no time and have the necessary speed to surf even the highest waves without too much effort. 

Once you reach the top of a wave, you can choose to turn off the engine and use the jet surf like a regular board.

Inspired by the ones used for submarine applications, the Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery ensures safety in case of contact with water or any other liquid. A fully charged battery guarantees 30 minutes at maximum continuous speed or approximately 1.30 h of moderate pace.

When the battery life is down to 20%, the board will turn in Eco-Mode, reducing the speed to allow surfers to return to the shore safely.

Moreover, the integrated cooling system of the battery ensures correct operation even at the highest temperatures.

Your safety is a top priority for us, and that’s why we added a leash to tie around the ankle that automatically switches off the battery when the surfer falls into the water. The Fidlock attachments allow for easy assembly and quick extraction and protect all the components of the jet board.

Our electric jet surf is also environmentally friendly! With a Zero Carbon emissions certificate, the surfboard is designed to combine fun and safety without causing any damage to the environment. Being electrically powered, Glider doesn’t produce any emissions, and it is also silent.