Surfing in the Mediterranean: the places where you can find the best waves

Along the Mediterranean Shores, there are many beaches where you can find great waves for surfing. Here are the best places according to AEDRA

If you love surfing and if you like to combine this passion with the one for travel, there are plenty of ideal destinations in Italy that you should check out. The Mediterranean Sea offers many beaches suitable not only for dream vacations but also perfect for surf lovers! Discover with AEDRA the best places to surf along the Mediterranean Sea in Italy and get ready to have fun riding the most impressive waves!

Surfing in Italy: here are the most suitable beaches along the Mediterranean Sea

From Liguria to our beautiful islands, let’s take a trip along our country to discover the most beautiful beaches for surfing.

In Liguria, there are three most popular beaches: Recco, in the province of Genoa, Varazze, in the Savona area, and Levanto, near La Spezia. 

Recco is not only famous for focaccia but also for its beautiful waves, suitable even for beginners. The waves that are created in the bay are really powerful, but since the currents are localized in the same spot, even new surfers can have fun without any particular problem. 

Varazze, instead, is a seaside location suitable for the most expert surfers. Here the winds create fast and tubing waves that challenge even the more expert surfers. 

Levanto is a very well known place for surfers from all over the world. In 2011 it hosted the World Surfing Championship and, thanks to its rocky and sandy seabed, it has always been the ideal place to have fun on the waves. Levanto is located a few kilometres away from the famous Cinque Terre, and therefore it can also be an excellent destination for a nice vacation.

To surf in Tuscany, Forte dei Marmi is an ideal location. Located 40 Km from Viareggio, in the heart of the beautiful Versilia, Forte dei Marmi was already known for its waves since the seventies. Its beach boasts crystal-clear water and has a very variable beach-break (i.e. waves breaking on sandy bottoms), with the pier area perfect for the more experienced surfers. 

In the Marche region, you can ride great waves in front of a majestic medieval tower, in the bay of Portonovo, in the province of Ancona.

The best waves close to the beautiful Italian capital are in Ostia, where you can also find a lot of training facilities. While you are there, you should check out the Banzai Beach in Santa Marinella.

Even in the beautiful Sicily and Sardinia, there are a lot of beaches that surfers will love. Among them there are the beaches along the Costa Verde, in Sardinia, the Rena Majore beach in Santa Teresa di Gallura, a perfect location for experienced surfers, and the Marinedda, about twenty kilometres from Reina Maiore, ideal for beginners. In Sicily, however, the most beautiful beaches are located in Isola delle Femmine, an ancient village in the province of Palermo that overlooks gorgeous crystal clear waters, and Kaos beach, in San Leone, ideal spot for surfers of all levels. This beach has a sandy bottom and the waves are glassy, a term used to describe the calm and smooth surface of the sea or the waves, and suitable for all levels.

Now you have to choose your ideal destination and prepare your board! Have fun!