Aedra’s products might join the Olympic Games 2024

Stand Up Paddle might be included at Olympic Games 2024

What if we told you Stand Up Paddle could be included at the Olympic Games in Paris? With its gain in popularity over the past years, it was only a matter of time before the Olympic Committee took into consideration this unique sport to be part of the world’s most important competition in the world.  

This is very good news for all the people who love Stand Up Paddle, athletes included. The Olympics represent a massive opportunity for everyone involved, but especially for the women and men that work hard to better themselves day after day. 

At the moment, not even the International Surfing Association, Fernando Aguerre can guarantee that we will see Stand Up Paddle in the Olympic programme, but the joined effort to achieve this goal is apparent. 

How would the inclusion in the Olympic Games change Stand Up Paddle? 

If the news were to be confirmed, the different Countries would need to organise their national teams in time to be competitive for the 2024 event. We already have many fantastic athletes on an international level, and inclusion in the Olympic programme would mean getting the wider recognition they deserve.

Moreover, there would almost certainly be financial subventions from the governments, which means better training centres and a lot of new opportunities for athletes and their staff. 

Ideas for the 2024 Olympic events 

Since we already know that the Olympic Games 2024 will be in Paris, many can already envision the Seine as the venue for the main Stand Up Paddle competitions; such a beautiful place to host the Olympic debut of this incredible sport!

As we all wait to know what the Olympic committee’s decision will be, we suggest a visit to Aedra’s web-site. Here you can find luxury watersport products worthy of the most anticipated sports event in the world. 

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