AEDRA Luxury Watersports is a company that is part of the Scoprega S.p.a. group and represents an exciting evolution in our mission to offer innovative, high-quality solutions in the marine and watersports sector.

AEDRA stands out for its enterprising philosophy, aiming to exceed customer expectations through products of excellence. The brand was born out of the need to offer a range of solutions of the highest quality, adapting to changing market needs and anticipating emerging trends.

AEDRA represents top-of-the-range products such as Jetboards, SUPs and state-of-the-art electric inflators. Our goal is clear: to position ourselves as one of the most contemporary, innovative and stylish brands in the world of boating and water sports.

AEDRA’s vision focuses on reinterpreting the experience.

AEDRA is the place where water goes beyond the ordinary and luxury becomes a lifestyle. It is an exploration into an aquatic experiential ecosystem designed to offer maximum enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of premium satisfaction and redefine the way you experience water.

AEDRA is a statement, a symphony of sophistication just waiting for your presence.



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