Stand Up Paddle, Aedra shares four easy tricks to improve your technique

Stand Up Paddle is such an incredible sport, isn’t it?

When Stand Up Paddle enters someone’s life it is almost impossible to stop thinking about it. Maybe you’ve tried it on vacation, or as some weekend activity with your friends and now you can’t wait for the next opportunity to get back on the board. Don’t worry, we completely understand how you feel; we are big fans of everything about this sport, too, or we’d have never established one of the most well-known companies specialized in creating SUP kits.

Talking with our clients and fellow SUP-enthusiasts, though, we’ve discovered that many of you are to different degrees self-conscious of your technique and that sometimes this can stop you from getting yourself out in the water. Aedra wants to help you enjoy your Stand Up Paddle experiences to the fullest, so we’ve decided to show you some “tricks” to quickly improve your performance and overcome any possible insecurities.

Keep reading, if you want to know how to get better at your favourite sport!

Four tricks to significantly improve your SUP technique 

If you already know Aedra’s products, we understand that you are more than a little familiar with Stand Up Paddle’s basics and that you’re probably looking for something more advanced, something to get you to the next level. Well, this must be your lucky day, because we’re ready to share with you all of our secrets. 

First of all, never forget to fully deep the blade of the paddles into the water with your every stroke; this is a simple yet very effective adjustment that will allow you to be more efficient, fast, and even stable.

Secondly, remember that core muscles are fundamental to properly move around the water on your board and certainly much more important than your biceps! Exercise your abs and concentrate on “using” them whenever you practice SUP, you’ll soon notice great improvements. 

Talking about how to properly stand, being able to constantly maintain the famous “ready position” is key to go from amateur to pro paddler. Keep your back straight and your feet in line with your shoulder, bend your knees, and you’ll also avoid annoying injuries in your back. 

And lastly, remember that the quieter the board, the more efficient it is. Always try to balance on your feet like we’re sure you were shown when you started out and no one would be able to stop you!

What a difference a high-quality kit can make!

Applying these four simple rules is the easiest way to get better at Standing Up Paddle in a short period of time, but if you’re still looking for other “tricks”, don’t forget how important having a good kit is

Paddlers that own high-quality boards and paddles have no doubt a head start on those that use standard equipment. If you’re interested in purchasing some of the best kits out there you should definitely visit Aedra’s website; here you’ll find our best seller products and also our latest models in addition to a lot of interesting accessories.