Can Stand Up Paddle be a good workout?

Get fit with Stand Up Paddle

As many paddlers around the world already know, Stand Up Paddle is not only a fun sport to practice in one’s free time but also a very good way to stay in shape. Every year the number of people who decide to pick up a board and hit the water in order to improve their health and body increases significantly, so it was only time we talked about the perks of a stand-up-paddle-based fitness program. 

For those who love their time with paddles and board, the choice of turning their passion into some kind of training regimen would be hardly difficult; on the other hand, if you’re starting fresh, you’ll soon discover that there is no better workout session than this. 

What can you achieve with a surf paddle workout?

The upper body strength needed to become a proficient paddler is a lot; for this reason, we suggest everyone who wants to improve in this area to try Stand Up Paddle. In just a few months of serious training, it’ll be possible to notice incredible results. 

Actually, there are many more benefits for the upper body that you get from a stand-up-paddle-based workout. One of the goals every paddler should set for themselves is the improvement of their back flexibility. There are a lot of exercises that will help you achieve this and, in the meantime, get a better posture. 

Moreover, Stand Up Paddle is also great for people who want to work on their balance. Watersports like this one are also a way to spend more time outdoors, a very important factor to consider if you’re looking for an activity with a positive action on your mental health.

Aedra and its Stand Up Paddle kits

The Italian company Aedra provides paddlers with the best kits for their Stand Up Paddle training. Every athlete needs good and reliable equipment for all their workout sessions; our company offers paddles and boards designed to be compact, light, and efficient.

Aedra’s staff focuses on the smallest details in order to guarantee the best performances to every one of their clients, even those who just want to have a good time. 

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