Stand Up Paddle Surfing: what it is and basic techniques

Stand Up Paddle, a water sport that is the perfect mix between canoeing and surfing.

Stand Up Paddle, also known as SUP, is a sport that comes from the world of surfing, but on a practical level is much more similar to canoeing. In the last ten years, SUP gained a lot of popularity worldwide, mainly because it is a sport suitable for everyone and that can be executed in very different ways.

Paddle surfing, river SUP, SUP trekking or SUP downwind: the various ways to practice Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Other than being a fun and relaxing activity to carry out while enjoying the sea or exploring nature, Stand Up Paddle can be an adrenaline-filled sport as well. 

SUP boards allow people also to surf riding waves in the ocean and descend the rapids of raging rivers. But there’s more! New ways to enjoy SUP have arisen as of lately such as SUP yoga and SUP fitness. If done following the instructions of professionals, this sport can become a useful activity for rehabilitating lower joints.

One of the most popular forms of performing Stand Up Paddle is the SUP touring. In this case, people use the board as a mean to explore places while admiring the landscape around them. SUP touring is a fun activity to do at a lake, at the beach or even along a river. 

Another activity to carry out by rivers is SUP river, or Stand Up Paddle Surfing on a river in white water, a practice that comes from kayaking and that is most suitable for experts.

More commonly, though, people like to Stand Up Paddle in the sea or the ocean. This activity may seem easy, but requires a lot of endurance, strength and equilibrium.

Those who seek new ways to relax or to keep themselves in shape should give SUP yoga and SUP fitness a try. The first activity consists of practising yoga on a SUP board that can be either anchored to a buoy, a platform or that can be left free to float dragged by the current. The same logic applies to SUP fitness, with the difference being that people perform physical exercises on the board.

How to SUP: the essential equipment

Depending on the type of SUP that one wants to practice, specific equipment is needed. SUP boards vary in size, materials and shapes. A particular type of SUP, convenient to transport, is the inflatable one. As for the size, you should always keep in mind that the longer and narrower a board is, the faster it goes.

Let’s see together the equipment necessary to carry out Stand Up Paddle Surfing:

  • the board, that can have one, two or three fins for stability. It can be made out of different materials and can have different dimensions based on the brand;
  • the paddle, which is composed of the blade, a shaft and a handle;
  • the technical clothing, which differs according to the summer and winter season;
  • the leash, which is the rope that binds the surfer to the board and should never be missing for greater safety in case of falls;
  • the life jacket, a strictly necessary element, especially when going out in the water alone.

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