Here’s a selection of the most useful tips for stand up paddle boarding

Are there any tips for stand up paddle boarding?

Over the past few years, Stand Up Paddle has become one of the most popular water sports all around the world. We’re sure that you can see it for yourself every time you go to the seaside or the lake; the number of people paddling standing over their board is constantly growing!

Especially during the summer, new SUP enthusiasts arrive at the beach with their brand new equipment and one common question: are there any tips for stand up paddle boarding? It’s easy to understand why this is maybe the most frequently asked question in the SUP community; everyone would like to improve their technique quickly and start to have fun like a pro as soon as they can. 

In this article, we would like to briefly introduce you to some useful tips for stand up paddle boarding we think you’ll find very interesting. Keep reading to find out all the tricks experts have come up with to help SUP beginners

The best tips for stand up paddle boarding to improve your technique

We’ve collected five tips for stand up paddle boarding we know will make a huge difference for your experience in the water. 

1) Don’t rush it

We know that learning a new sport can be a bit frustrating at the beginning and that you may be fed up hearing this kind of suggestion but hang in there. And don’t skip your training on the ground!

2) Work on your balance

Standing on the board is certainly the main goal for all SUP newbies; if you want to get there faster, remember to keep a wide stance and position yourself at the centre of the board. Also, don’t be ashamed of starting on your knees; we’ve all been there!

3) Don’t forget to practice your paddling technique

Learning how to paddle is one of the most important tips for standing up paddle boarding you could get; don’t forgo this fundamental step!

4) Safety comes first

Especially if you’re going out on big water, consider wearing an inflatable jacket and always fasten your leash. Another essential safety tip is to learn how to fall, so you’ll be prepared when it happens. 

5) Use high-quality equipment

When you practise any kind of sports, you should always use high-quality equipment. For SUP this means buying Aedra‘s state-of-the-art products.

The Italian company is known worldwide for its light and reliable kits and accessories in our signature black and red, which you can purchase directly from our website.

Are you interested in more tips for standing up paddle boarding? Then, you should totally read our blog