How to choose a SUP board? That’s a question for Aedra!

Who knows how to choose a SUP board?

Most of the questions people have right after deciding to pick up Stand Up Paddle as their new sport are about how to choose a SUP board. And it’s easy to understand why, since there are so many models! It can be overwhelming to wander around a speciality shop or browse the internet and realise the staggering number of options available. 

Well, if you’re one of the many who’s wondering how to choose a SUP board, you are in the right place; in this article, we’ll try to help everyone who may need it, sharing some useful tips. This way, when the time arrives to make a decision, you’ll find that it’s not that difficult, after all!

How to choose a SUP board: everything you need to know

Before buying a new Stand Up Paddle board, the first thing you should do is answer a simple question: what are you going to use it for? There are many ways to paddle, and each one has its own specific board.

If you’d like to go for a relaxing afternoon in the water, the board for you has a “planing” kind of hull, which is a more rounded and wide body. On the other hand, if you were hoping for a little – or as much as you like, really – bit of speed, our suggestion is to buy a board with a “displacement” hull; the pointed nose, in fact, is perfect for races and more serious workouts. 

Another thing you should always keep in mind when wandering about how to choose a SUP board is… yourself! Taking into consideration a person’s body type is fundamental for an educated purchase. The length, volume, and weight capacity play a significant role in the stability and manoeuvrability of the board, so try to choose wisely! 

Get in touch with Aedra if you don’t know how to choose a SUP board!

Our last suggestion may seem like not a very original one, but it’s very important nevertheless: select a good and reliable company specialising in SUP gear production. Knowing all the secrets of how to choose a SUP board won’t do anything if your options aren’t high-quality ones. 

If you’re looking for a name, we are happy to oblige and let you know that the best company out there is, without a doubt, the Italian Aedra. Visit the website to find a wide selection of SUP boards.