Meet Aedra, world-class water jet board manufacturer

Aedra is also a world-famous water jet board manufacturer

Most people know us for its game-changing kits for Stand Up Paddle; however, Aedra is also a famous water jet board manufacturer. Actually, there aren’t many companies whose production includes this kind of equipment in the world, and the Italian one is certainly one of the finest. 

Many of our readers who primarily come to our blog for news on Stand Up Paddle may not know much about Aedra’s activity as a water jet board manufacturer and probably are now asking themselves, what are we even talking about? What are water jet boards? Well, like always, we’re happy to oblige and answer all of your questions. 

Water jet boards are basically regular water boards that are provided with an electric battery, which make them both much easier and more fun to use. Many SUP and surf practitioners have welcomed this use of technology with open arms because it allows them to switch things up a bit in sports they already love. 

Why you should buy your kits from a water jet board manufacturer like Aedra

To become a water jet board manufacturer renowned on an international level like Aedra is necessary to be able to put state-of-the-art products on the market at any time. That’s why our main focus is to provide our clients with high-performance kits, which are also innovative and unique in their design

Over the years, this important Italian water jet board manufacturer has created some of the most incredible models of this kind, thanks to their aerodynamics and materials. In particular, we can say that there is an entire team of designers who spend their time trying to develop new and more functional designs to improve the performance of our products

Moreover, about the materials, water jet board manufacturer Aedra uses carbon fibre, which makes the board both extremely light – and thus easy to handle in and outside the water – and resistant. 

Would you like to know more about our electric jet boards? Well, you’re lucky; there’s an entire section of Aedra’s website dedicated to them! Why won’t you take a look at it?