Stand Up Paddle kit: Aedra offers the best one in the market

Buy your best stand up paddle kit at Aedra

If you are looking for a place where to buy a high-quality Stand Up Paddle kit, we are happy to tell you that you’ve found the perfect one. At Aedra, we design and sell everything you may need when practising this exciting water sport, which so many people have come to love over the past few years. 

Not only that, Aedra is considered one of the best assets in the sport-equipment-making sector with its many cutting-edge products, designed to meet every athlete’s need, being them pros or beginners. Our Stand Up Paddle kit stands out for the expertise of their making, which employs the latest technologies available in order to provide the highest-performance boards and paddles possible. 

Why every stand up paddle kit by Aedra is so good

Aedra is an Italian company known all over the world for its incredibly well-made SUP equipment; ask anyone in the field, and they’ll tell you how using Aedra’s boards changes one’s entire experience with this sport. 

Each Stand Up Paddle kit by Aedra includes four different items every SUP enthusiast needs to safely and comfortably enjoy their time in the water. First, we have an ultra-compact backpack designed to help assemble the equipment and made with technical fabrics that withstand cuts and the action of the seawater. 

Every Stand Up Paddle kit provided by Aedra also includes board and paddles, of course. Our board is extremely light and compact, so to be easy to store in the backpack and carry around, whereas our paddles stand out for their resistance thanks to our material of choice: carbon fibre. Lastly, in your Stand Up Paddle kit, you can find the E-inflator, one of the most silent models in the market, which inflates and deflates the board in a matter of minutes. 

Were you interested in buying one of our kits? Then, go to Aedra’s website, here you’ll find our official online store